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5 Of The Best Barbeque Menu Ideas

Barbeque King caters for a wide range of barbeque events across the UK. We were established in 2008 upon realising there was an opening for excellent fully catered barbeque events. To keep up to your reputation of offering exceptional barbeques, we thought we might share a couple of our favourite barbeque menu ideas. 5 Barbeque […]

3 Must Try Vegetarian Barbeque Ideas

The first thing that comes to mind when people say barbeque is meat – delicious, tender, flame-grilled, mouth-watering meat. At Barbeque King, we are here to change your mind slightly about barbeques in general. Time to put those lamb chops back in the freezer, today we are exploring some barbeque recipes that are sure to […]

10 Burger Toppings Combinations You Need to Try

Burgers are an all-time favourite, no matter the occasion. It’s time to get creative and produce mouth-watering gourmet burgers. Consider yourself a gourmet chef and turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. We are here to help you create delicious gourmet burgers. All you need is a variety of delicious topping combinations and let your taste […]

What Makes Our BBQs Special

A quality barbeque starts with the ingredients. No matter how flawless your barbeque flames are, if you are not using quality meat there is no amount of heat or flavouring that can compare with a good cut of meat. At The Barbeque King, we pride ourselves on delivering quality meat and share this value with our […]

Succulent Lamb Spit Recipe

There is nothing more satisfying than eating a tender slice of roast lamb. It slices like butter and melts away in your mouth, leaving behind its glorious flavour as well as a craving for a second bite. Invite some friends over for a perfect summer evening and show off your culinary skills by serving a […]

How to Make the Perfect Barbecue Chicken Skewer Marinade

We all know kids are often fussy eaters especially in summer when there’s loads of things they’d rather be doing than waiting for lunch.  Why not have a sizzling barbeque in your backyard? They’re loads of fun for the whole family and beats standing in the hot kitchen for hours puzzling what to make for […]

Making The Perfect Barbeque Skewers

We enjoy making mouth-watering food for every occasion. We are here to share some secrets behind making delicious skewers. Basically, how to cook food on a stick! Let’s face it making skewers on a barbeque can tricky. You have to be very careful as nobody likes under or overcooked meat. On the brighter side, if […]

6 Tips For A Top Barbeque

Let’s face it – most of us are terrible at barbequing. If it’s not over doing a fine steak, it’s cremating the sausages. Not to worry, we are going to give you 6 terribly helpful tips to help you master the art of cooking a great barbeque. The Right Equipment This might sounds like a […]
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4 Tips for a Summer Barbeque

Summer is here and we suggest you take full advantage of it! How about hosting a summer barbeque? At The Barbeque King, we offer a variety of gourmet burgers and sausages as well as other meats to compliment your barbeque. We also offer rolls sauces, salads and vegetarian options. We are here to ensure your […]

Let Us Do Your Barbeque For You

Planning an outdoor event and still need a caterer? Look no further than Barbeque King! We offer unique packages that can cater for up to 50 people or even more. Our goal is to get you to sit back and relax while we make sure that all your barbeque needs are surpassed. Our Packages We […]