What Makes Our BBQs Special


A quality barbeque starts with the ingredients. No matter how flawless your barbeque flames are, if you are not using quality meat there is no amount of heat or flavouring that can compare with a good cut of meat. At The Barbeque King, we pride ourselves on delivering quality meat and share this value with our suppliers and parent company English Meat. What makes our barbeques different from any other old barbeque is the quality of our meat.

We provide a range of barbeque meat options including pork, chicken or beef. We also offer various cuts and serving options such as burger patties, skewers or sausages. Our succulent cuts and meat options are all free range and are guaranteed to satisfy the biggest appetite you can find.

If you’re throwing an event and need catering, ask us for help we’d love to do your barbeque for you. We would be thrilled to take the stress of catering off your hands so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the barbeque as our trained chefs serve you quality cuts fit enough for the King!

With years of experience of barbequing and events, we know exactly how to satisfy everyone’s taste buds and can even offer vegetarian options.

If you’re hosting a large event, we suggest trying out our hog roast. All of our spit roasts are supplied through our sister company Big Roast.

If you’re struggling for ideas on how to throw a barbeque check out our blog where you can find loads of tips on how to make your barbeque better

If you’re looking for the best barbeque in town look no further, we’ll be glad to show you how we earned our title of King.


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