Dan Oakley

daniel-oakley-chefDan Oakley is the barbeque king!

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Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley

Dan Oakley is at the core of The Barbeque King and all we do.

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  1. charlotte sexton charlotte sexton says:

    We are having an 18th birthday party for our daughter Katy on Tuesday april 10th in garden in Kingston with dancing inside and a large style military tent for seating etc. It has a Harry Potter theme and so were wondering about having sausages, chicken thigh/legs and at least one fish option, and then accompanied by bread rolls and green style salad or smallish roasted potatoes and veg as probably going to be a cold night ! Ideally I would like everyone to be served at once on big silver style platters on four long tables and benches keeping with Harry Potter theme of dinner in the Great Hall. We are expecting pos 55 guests and I have the tent but havent booked the tables ,benches, crockery yet so could you tell me if your company could help with the food and furniture too. I know it is late notice but hope you can get back to me asap please. Thanks.

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