6 Tips For A Top Barbeque


Let’s face it – most of us are terrible at barbequing. If it’s not over doing a fine steak, it’s cremating the sausages. Not to worry, we are going to give you 6 terribly helpful tips to help you master the art of cooking a great barbeque.

The Right Equipment

This might sounds like a simple tip, yet it is completely crucial to ensure that you have the right barbequing essentials.

  • Make sure your barbeque has a lid. It helps to lock in flavour and keep your meat at a constant temperature.
  • Use the right fuel. There is nothing wrong with gas barbeques, but you won’t get that extra smoky flavour that is the epitome of a barbeque meat. Charcoal is always a winner especially if you add some woodchips to the mixture to enhance the flavour.


When it comes to a great barbeque – timing is everything. Barbeque’s take patience, you will need to wait for the flames to die down and your coals to turn white hot (when they are grey and glowing).


You will need to control your barbeque just like any other oven. Here is a quick guide to finding that perfect cooking heat. Hold your hand about 12 cm above the grill and do some counting.

6 seconds = low heat

4 seconds = medium heat

2 seconds = Way too hot

The easiest technique is to half and half your barbeque by putting all the coals to one side. You should have a mega-hot sider and one with no direct heat to help you control your temperature.

Barbequing Tools

It’s simple – a heavy-duty glove and a decent pair of tongs.

It’s all About The Marinade

The general rule sits with – leave for a few hours or even overnight if possible. We also suggest leaving some marinade for when you cook the meat and brush the marinade every 10 minutes or so to trap the smoke flavour.

Don’t Forget The Sides

Sides should never be an afterthought and should be planned to complement the type of meat you are barbequing. Go on, make your choice of potato salad, corn on the cob or even couscous.

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