Your Barbeque Chefs

Dan Oakley - Barbeque ChefsThe Barbeque King is led by the experienced BBQ chef Daniel Oakley.

With over 10 years of experience in providing barbecue catering throughout London and beyond, Daniel has become a BBQ specialist, and coined the name The Barbeque King in 2008.

As company director, Daniel oversees the operations of The Barbeque King, which has several additional experienced BBQ chefs available to assists on larger events.

Our chefs all work as full-time chefs during the week in a number of restaurants and join us at weekends over the Summer catering at our events.

Our staff are what make the business so successful. At The Barbeque King, you will find exceptional customer service, attention to detail and passionate chefs who can turn a ordinary piece of meat into something truly special. Our salads, vegetarian options and canapes have been carefully designed to complement your barbeque and are all freshly prepared by our Leith’s trained chef.

We are based out of a 6000 sq ft warehouse in Wimbledon, London and have full time office staff as well as a entourage of chefs for events. Our chefs also provide cover for our hog roast business, Big Roast.

With us you don’t have to leave a message on a mobile phone – call us during office hours to discuss your event. We will do all we can to accommodate your needs.