Why Autumn is perfect Barbeque Season

We know what you’re thinking, how can autumn be a good time for a barbeque? The weather is starting to turn and it’s almost time to put that barbie back into the shed. Well, we disagree. Let’s break the cycle, autumn barbeques are the next big thing.

Imagine this; it’s a fresh autumn evening, you have a glass of Shiraz in your hand. Your closest friends are by your side and you are huddled around a barbeque. You can smell the delicious meat slowly cooking to perfection. The leaves are a beautiful tint of orange and the sunset leaves a beautiful hue across the sky. Perfection right? We think so too.

So get that barbeque back out, or even better, why not give The Barbeque King a call and let us take care of your barbeque. Not only do we provide a tasty barbeque, we can also offer sides and tidy up the mess afterwards. Leaving you to enjoy your barbeque and curl up by the fireplace afterwards with a hot cup of coco.

So whether it’s a Tuesday evening or a Sunday afternoon, The Barbeque King is here to help. We want to make your autumn barbeques extra special. From small intimate events to larger parties, we can do it all. Our range of delicious meats and seasoning are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

All of our meats are free range, choose from a range of jumbo sausages, burger patties or chicken skewers. We also have options for those who are not too fond of meat.

For more information on The Barbeque King please feel free to contact us on 0845 500 5250, alternatively you can fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




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